Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Desmond FR BMW Update Coming Soon!

NOTE: Not updated version of Desmond.

I will release the update that will enable Desmond from assassins creed to have emotions and also bump maps. Hence, the bump maps will help the model achieve a higher detail. Also, I will add the same features to the rest of the Assassin Creed models I released previously.


  1. Thx u so much for updating him, this is what I've been waiting since you make FR model :)


  2. It's not done yet but I will finish him today hopefully. If not sometime this week but he should be finish today.

  3. friend, you have made a great work! but i have one bug. In cut scenes, Desmond's face is like a puzzle, there are some problems with textures. can you help me?

  4. hello, I don't know if you still work on these... I really want to use your desmond mod in game but there is no specular map and he sparkles like the vampires from twilight. is there any way you can fix this? i really want to use this mod :( i've tried fixing it myself but cannot figure it out.